OUR MENUS: Real Food for your Functions, your Friends or Family

for our pdf menus for Autumn and for the Festive season please follow the links to our Dropbox files which you should be able to download by clicking on:

AUTUMN - FIRE & SPICE (October to Mid-November)

FESTIVE (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year)

We are updating our menus and you will soon be able download all of them through the seasons.

Each season, we offer a distinct range of breakfast and coffee breaks, through to hot and cold buffets, our business lunch delivery options on to canapes and walking dinners.

We have now a smaller a la carte selection, and we change the menus every 7-8 weeks to represent the food calendar and mini-seasons. Even more value is available if you are comfortable for us to broadly make a choice for you based on what’s best at the market each day. So, take a look and get in touch about any of the specials.

Dont feel restricted by these choices either! We can put our hand and motivation to any creative challenge given the right lead-in time and sufficient numbers, so if you have any specific in mind from Scottish feasts to celebrate the haggis, through to Berlin in the 1920s or a Ukranian harvest supper via a celebration of all things Korean, then just let us know and we´d be happy to surpass your expectations :

If you would prefer to have us serve in a more formal context for an important roundtable discussion, or a private celebration, perhaps consider our fine dining menu. We will come with at least a chef and one waiter and provide the right type and style of service to match your event.

It would be our pleasure to work with you to provide you with tasty treats for a birthday party, to handle all aspects of your wedding, or to cater a working lunch, cocktail party or other corporate event.

Contact us myevent@atlantiko.eu or call on +32 483 052 888