OUR MENUS: Real Food for your Functions, your Friends or Family

We are updating our menus and you will soon be able download all of them through the seasons.

Each season, we offer a distinct range of breakfast and coffee breaks, through to hot and cold buffets, our business lunch delivery options on to canapes and walking dinners.

We have now a smaller a la carte selection, and each month has its own monthly chef choice, with a sizeable discount. Even more value is available if you are comfortable for us to broadly make a choice for you based on what’s best at the market each day. So, take a look and get in touch about any of the specials.

However, should you be looking for something different, not covered in our current menus - please contact us myevent@atlantiko.eu - our kitchen team love making new and different dishes, and we would be happy to look at something bespoke with enough demand and notice.

It would be our pleasure to work with you to provide you with tasty treats for a birthday party, to handle all aspects of your wedding, or to cater a working lunch, cocktail party or other corporate event.

Contact us myevent@atlantiko.eu or call on +32 483 052 888