Festive Working Lunches - 7 elements of tasty seasonal handmade food for you

Our current menu for November through to the beginning of the New Year celebrates the finest local produce put together in a tasty fresh and healthy manner - something to zing all the way through these dark days and into Christmas

Please be aware that almost all of our food is handmade by us each day and in order to keep quality high at prices that make sense, we have modified our terms and conditions

Minimum Orders €150 with transport now free on all orders over €250.

We also have an a la carte menu which is available for orders of 30 portions or more. The prices are slightly higher.

If you are flexible, then we can also offer you our chef’s choice menu, which is inspired by the festive menu, but might have some other items based on other client’s choices that day. If you want to find yourself a bargain, do ask us about this option. We can also take on board any dislikes that you might have, but cant guarantee any specific menu items. All the same, you’ll only pay €13 for a 7 element lunch… DELISH!